Chairman Message

Chairman Message

  • The best way to predict the future is to create it

    I feel privileged to introduce you to our group Shera

    As a family we have grown fast to match with the rapid changes in the industry. World is changing fast and technology is becoming obsolete quicker than it is conceived. Over 500 people working at Shera are keeping abreast with latest technology to fulfill the changing demands of the time.

    As a family we have groomed ourselves with the value to respect every individual. We feel our duty to understand and deliver to all aspirations of our customers. Because it is not just about manufacturing the best product – it is about delivering customer satisfaction.

    Shera’s vision is to see the group as a one stop solution for all your nonferrous metal needs.

    Our logo Shera the royal Bengal Tiger, one of the mightiest creation of God reflects power, charisma, courage, speed, strength and above all the improvisation. He reminds us of the environment he lives in and our responsibility towards the protection of the ecosystem. We at Shera take all the corrective measures to conserve energy and natural resources.

    Naseem Sheikh