On behalf of the board members, we wish to thank the executive leaders, all the employees, our valued customers and the suppliers for their contribution in establishing such a dynamic and successful company. We have strived to scale new heights in the industry by satisfying our customers with innovative range of quality products with more than two decades of experience and in depth knowledge in the field, we have build long lasting relationships with the clients across the globe. However this reality would not be possible without the professionalism and determination of the entire team SHERA.

  • Mr. Sheikh Naseem
    Mr. Sheikh Naseem

    The founder and promoter of this group is a technical entrepreneur with an engineering background. He is a man groomed with technological insights in troubleshooting of various industrial needs. His clear acumen towards material and machinery inspired him to work continuously for expansion and diversification of the company. His Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is innovation. He has carved the company such that it has succeeded in making existing wide range of quality products.

    Shera has been groomed & brought up to present level under his vision and risk taking abilities. Company is performing good under his team building abilities. This visionary person is here to craft us with his visionary ideas. He owns a judicious power of delegations. Under his leadership company has established many departments to take on everyday decisions with great deal of authenticity. He is passionate yet relentlessly resourceful in bringing together all the business know how required to build something out of nothing.

  • Mr. Satya Deo Purohit

    He is an engineering graduate from MNIT, Jaipur (Metallurgy). Today a renowned and acclaimed expert in copper & copper based alloys. He has analytical skills and strength of clear insight into the functional properties of copper and its alloys. His work of 30 years has earned him membership in various copper related organizations globally, International Tube Association , Indian Institute of Metals, Indian copper development centre, to name just a few of the honours bestowed upon him by a discerning fraternity. His work on Six Sigma, TQM Certification of ISO systems, has added to his experience and knowledge.

    His professional career began as a trainee engineer in a company that was in manufacturing of non-ferrous extruded and drawn copper and copper alloy semis. He invested 25 years to carve his knowledge on the products being made and in 90's he developed approximately 150 types of copper alloys and thus he became one of the pillars behind the company's banner to sale globally. He has shared his knowledge bank by writing papers on nonferrous industries and industrial overview; few were published in Minerals & Metals review, International tube association journals. He is actively involved in specification standardization internationally. He has worked with many overseas industries in the field of copper alloys.

Our Operations are delegated by:

  • Mrs. Shivani Sheikh
    Mrs. Shivani Sheikh

    She is an engineering graduate and a whole time director looking after every day administration in the company. Being a lady she has a very systematic approach thereby controlling the finance and accounts of the company. She understands the sensitivity of the top management, the enthusiasm of young blood in the company, devotion of the veteran employees and can better address their concerns.

  • Mr. Sunil Dangayach
    Mr. Sunil Dangayach

    A Chartered Accountant by qualification. Work on all strategic and tactical matters. He expertise in budget management, cost analysis, forecasting and securing new funds. His experience of more than 15 years in financial sector is an asset to the company. He is unique in his urge to curb every risk causing financial losses in the business. He has been actively involved as integral part for the critical decision making of the company.

  • Mr. Piyush Sharma
    Mr. Piyush Sharma

    A young and dynamic management personnel who looks after the marketing and sales of the company. His focus is to help the organization to create brand that builds and sustains the trust. His ambitions and firm attitude enables him to follow a set of processes for creating, delivering and communicating value to customers and managing customer relationships in ways that also benefit the organisation. His imperative commercial skills benefit the business. Customers have always been benefitted by his tendency to educate them with the global pricing trends.


    An aspiring management professional associated with International Trade — Import, Export & Domestic procurement. She has immense experience in dealing with Indian Customs, shipping companies & Global Logistics. She is a MBA from Indian Institute of Planning & Management New Delhi specialized in Planning & Entrepreneurship.